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Lifestyle Photography: What it is and Why You Should Care | Golden, CO

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Lifestyle photography just feels different. Remember going to Sears for family portraits as a kid? The big umbrellas with flashes, the backdrops, the stale air and the squeaky seats. The photographer would carefully place your hands on your brother’s shoulders, tilt your head just so, and tell you to smile on the count of three.

My pursuit is lifestyle photography and here’s why:

  • I photograph in Colorado! God gave us the most beautiful backdrops ever—outside!

  • Kids need space to run and play--to grab Daddy’s hand and toddle down the path, to jump on their brother’s back--space for giggles and interaction.

  • Families need to be told how to arrange themselves in front of a camera but not how to feel when they look at their newest Little One, or when Mom squeezes them tight, or when Dad snuggles into their neck.

My goal is to get as many beautiful shots of your family as we can create together in the best possible lighting of the day, to create stunning portraits of our Colorado landscape that you can't wait to hang on your walls. We'll try for one portrait of the whole family looking happily at the camera because at least Grandma will insist that’s what makes a good photograph, but my real agenda is to create a space where you can relax, enjoy one another’s company and remember how much you love these people who fill your life.

".... a fabulous job capturing my boisterous brood and I will cherish these forever."
~L. Downes

Lifestyle Photography Colorado Family in relaxed pose near lake
Lifestyle Photography sisters arm-in-arm walking down path
Lifestyle portraits of Colorado family in meadow with wildflowers
Lifestyle photography, mom with baby and young daughter
Colorado Photography, dad snuggles into daughter's neck
Lifestyle photography, girl twirling in a Colorado meadow under stormy skies
Family crosses meadow in beautiful Colorado sunset
Lifestyle photography, mom with baby in arms
Lifestyle Photography Colorado family snuggles at golden hour

Feel like this might be the photo session you want to experience? Think these might be the pictures you want for your walls and albums? Let’s connect and schedule your family portraits!


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