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A Truck in the Snow | Couples Photography | Lakewood, Colorado

S-- is a fellow photographer, so when he asked if I would capture engagement portraits for himself and his bride-to-be, I was honored and flattered. Couples photography is a special passion of mine—all those good vibes, all that time to play with composition and posing—but when I learned what they wanted, I found myself a tiny bit anxious.

To say the least.

V--, the bride-to-be, had always wanted a winter wedding, but when the stars aligned, the heirloom ring was ready, and the couple was on a romantic hike through Guatemalan mountains, S-- got on one knee and popped the question—all perfect, exactly as it should be—except this was three months ago, in December. Now they faced a choice: wait a full year to fulfill the bridal winter dream, or let it all go and get hitched in June, like all the other brides and grooms out there.

They found a compromise: a June wedding would have to do, as long as they could have winter wonderland engagement portraits. I took a look at her Pinterest board and it included everything from evening gowns and tuxedos to cozy plaid blankets; from dancing in the evergreens to snow angels and snowball fights, but almost all had her pins included snow covered trees and gently falling snow.

Oh, and also, a red, antique pick-up truck. Many versions of happily engaged couples in red pick-up trucks.

I finally had to call them. “So, I love all these images on Pinterest; these give me a great sense of the mood you’re looking for, you know, the type of thing we might capture. But tell me about the red truck...”

Turns out, S-- owns a 1966 vintage red Ford, that actually runs….usually.

Unless it's too cold.

Great. So now we just needed a good layer of snow,

covered by freshly falling snow,

on a Friday or Saturday when everyone was available,

without those polar temperatures we’ve been experiencing this winter.

And for that red pick-up truck to start.


Part of me wondered if this would be like the fish that got away, the dream differed (not to go all dramatic and Lanston Hughes on us here), but it just seemed like maybe this one wasn’t going to come together. I thought maybe I was going to have to help guide them toward a new vision, one that included spring-time blossoms and a sundress.

Remarkably, S-- texted on a Tuesday in February, “Could you do the shoot tomorrow? There's supposed to be quite a storm and V--’s work might get canceled. I think I can get off work, too. Let me know.”

What was I supposed to say? No?!

We worked it out, the falling snow was amazing, the truck made it to the park, V-- was STUNNING in an evening gown in 13 degree weather (for about 5 minutes before we had her change, don’t worry). We hustled around to a handful of locations in Belmar Park of Lakewood, Colorado and captured almost everything on their wish list (just couldn’t quite fit in the snow angels).

Again, I am so honored to have been invited to capture their first formal portraits as an engaged couple. Their affection and care for one another was so obvious as we made our way through the park that afternoon, but what stood out to me most was their joy at having found one another in this vast sea of human beings.

A thousand blessings on you both, V-- and S--. Can’t wait to party with you at your beautiful—and warm—June wedding.

Example of couples photography beneath snowy evergreen trees in Lakewood, Colorado

Close crop of couple snuggled in red and tan blanket in a snowy Colorado setting.

Snow falls on couple, bride-to-be looks lovingly at her future husband.

Backlit portrait of couple highlights the falling snowflakes.

Black and white portrait of engagement ring with bride-to-be smiling in the background.

Black and white portrait of couple in snowy Colorado scene.

Couple framed by branches as they snuggle in a snowy Colorado landscape.

Couple in a vintage red truck in a snowy Colorado setting.

Couple snuggles in cab of classic red truck in snowy Colorado setting.

Couple in formal attire in snowy Colorado landscape, blue dress, blue shirt with black vest.

Couple snuggles in formal attire in a snowy Colorado landscape with evergreen trees.

Sweeping landscape image of couple dancing in formal attire in snowy Colorado landscape.


Holly Freeman is a lifestyle photographer with a thing for couples photography, even in the winter, even in Lakewood, Colorado, even when it's REALLY cold outside. If you're thinking about having portraits done, call her up. She'd love to chat about what you're looking for.


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