FAQ About Your

Family Picture Session

  • What should we wear?

Chances are, if you're reading this FAQ and trying to find just the right photographer for your family pictures, you're probably a mom. My advice: think about an outfit you love that makes you feel fabulous and plan your family's clothes around that. There are some great tips out there on how to coordinate outfits, and here a couple things I put together:

If you need help deciding how to coordinate for your family photo, please reach out. ​

  • Can I bring my dog?

Dogs aren't really my thing, but I recognize they might be your thing--like part of your family. If you feel your family pictures would be incomplete without your dog, by all means bring him along. If you're worried that the dog might cause extra chaos and confusion or is going to ruin the picture if she isn't looking at the camera, maybe we can try a few shots and then put the dog in the car for the remainder of the shoot (if it's not hot). 

  • What if there is bad weather on the day of the shoot?

We are blessed to be in Colorado and as they say, "If you don't like the weather, give it ten minutes..." 

I try to keep an eye on the forecast, and if it seems like a big storm is rolling in, we'll reschedule. If it seems like it might sprinkle and then pass, we can wait it out and hope for the best. If you are not comfortable with that risk, please call me and we'll reschedule. I want you to be happy with your experience, I want the light to be awesome, I want you to have family pictures you love, will cherish forever and remind you of a great season in your life.

  • Can we do our family pictures at home?

I will come to your home for a newborn session. Family and maternity sessions are in West Metro Denver locations, selected for their great lighting at sunset and beautiful views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 

  • What type of newborn sessions do you do?

My hope is to capture the beauty of a newborn without a lot of extras. We will not spend hours trying to get the baby to sleep and then folding them into certain poses. Both the  the baby will be gently directed so that we capture your newest little addition in his or her natural environment. That magical newness just doesn't last, be sure to capture those beautiful moments before they're gone! 

Holly Freeman is a Denver family photographer based in Lakewood, CO and serves the surrounding Denver area.

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