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A Few of My Favorite Things: Options for Your Images | Family Photographer | Denver, Colorado

Don’t worry. This blog is not about raindrops on roses and it is definitely not about silver white winters that melt into spring. As an outdoor family photographer I am OVER winter and ready for spring.


Instead, this blog features my favorite things: a handful of products I’ve discovered over the last few months in my hunt for the best displays for family portraits. In a world flooded with images, I want to offer stunning works of art that celebrate a family's love for one another in a timeless and quality way, art that takes their breath away and brings them back to the emotions they felt every time they see it.

Stunning wall art from a family photographer in Denver, Colorado

There are thousands of display ideas out there from the classy to the kitsch, and I realized people need more than just a photographer to snap their picture and hand over a bunch of files. What they need is an image expert, one who can capture the tenderness between each member of the family and then say confidently, “This wall needs this image from our photo shoot in this size and this product.”

So let’s dive right in and see a few of my favorite things…

1) Image Panel

This is a modern and timeless way to display a large image or a collection of smaller prints. Printed on metallic photo paper, image panels have a glow that mimics the back-lit images we’ve grown so accustomed to seeing on screens. The beveled edge perfectly frames the picture and creates a finished look that is ready to hang and seamlessly blends into any decorating style.

Image panel from Holly Freeman, Family photographer, Denver, Colorado

2) The Wood Print

I have to confess, this is the product that first drew me into offering my clients printed products rather than just digital files. The idea that a photograph could be printed directly onto wood and the natural grain could bleed through, especially in the brighter portions of the image—like behind a stunning sunset? Yes, PLEASE!!!

Wood print from Holly Freeman, Family Photographer, Denver, Colorado

I couldn’t wait to order a sample, using a silhouette from a family last fall, and the result was exactly what I’d hoped.

Now, not every session lends itself to capturing a silhouette, the conditions need to be just right, so this product may not be right for every family, but if it is, you can bet I’m going to recommend it because its timelessness, beauty and quality are unmatched by anything else I’ve seen.

Wood Print showing the natural wood grain behind silhouette

3) The Photo Box

I’m a routine person: get a good system, lock it in place, don’t change anything for a few years, and I’m happy. Not everyone is like that, I get it. The photo box is the perfect solution for someone who loves a whole collection of images from their photo session and can’t settle on a large and permanent display of just one. The photo box includes ten images mounted on plastic, so they’re durable and stand up in a simple, bamboo wood stand. Photos are 5×7, and those images not on display are tucked away in a classy wooden box, perfect for a shelf display and easy to swap out when you feel ready for a change.

Photo Box with images from Holly Freeman, Family Photographer, Denver, Colorado

Often, when I ask clients how they envision enjoying their pictures in the future, most mention a canvas or a large framed print, and while these traditional displays are fine, I want the families I work with to know there are so many more modern and stunning ways to celebrate the art we create together. With state of the art software, we can preview different photos, sizes and mediums on your own walls and find the product that speaks to your unique aesthetic.

Preview of prints on bedroom walls from Holly Freeman, Family Photographer, Denver, Colorado


Well, there you have it: a few of my favorite things. You can see more of the products I offer here: Online Product Catalogue, and if you’re interested in exploring your options or booking a session, please reach out. We can even talk about your favorite things (as long as it’s not winter!).


Holly Freeman is a lifestyle family photographer serving the Denver, Colorado area. Her favorite things include: stunning wall art, families who treasure their love for one another, early morning coffee and running in a sunrise.

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Apr 26, 2021

You’re awesome and so is the work you do. Love your words of wisdom too!

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