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Yes, You Can

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

You're scrolling mindlessly through social media:


Blogger selling X

Your cousin’s baby

Suddenly a stunning image stops you.

The setting is a delightful summer’s evening, each blade of grass sparkles with a golden tint. But it’s the subjects that catch your eye. The warmth of a hand resting on a shoulder, the look from a lover that reveals a single heart shared between them, a dance of joy, a child in the safest of all places—his mama’s arms. So safe, so celebrated.

Sunset kissed mother and daughter

You sigh.

"That’s just not us. We love each other, sure. But we’re less of the frolic-in-the-meadow-at-sunset-type and more of the try-to-get-through-the-bedtime-routine-and-get-to-a-glass-of-wine-without-losing-our-sh*t type."

Here’s a little secret we all know is true but we forget for some reason: almost no one frolics through meadows at sunset.

But at least once a year, you absolutely should. And here are three reasons why:


You can capture stunning photos of your family looking relaxed and celebrated with mountains and a sunset. It takes coordination, it takes direction, but we can get there. And we make all this effort not in order to capture something fake and perfect for social media, but to capture—in the best conditions possible— the beauty of the love that reverberates through your family no matter the conditions.

Lifestyle family portrait, hugging close


The way your family is right now, in this season, will never be the same. Those chubby cheeks, those raspberry bubbles she blows, those ruffle pants will be around for a matter of months. If you do not capture it now and capture it in a way that makes you want to print it and hang it on your walls to celebrate the beauty of your family, it will just slip by and you will be left with hazy memories and fuzzy cell phone shots.

Fun family portrait session Golden, CO


Finally, frolicking in the meadow can actually be fun. The session itself can be a celebration of your family: the snuggles you love, the giggles that light your heart on fire, a parade of sorts that says to the world,

"We are after more than a solid bedtime routine. We’re after passion and celebration and doing this family thing on purpose."

Handsome pre-teen boy in fall colors

Cute pre-teen girl, fall portrait, Golden, Colorado

Want your own set of images that captures the beauty of your family? Click "Schedule a Session" at the bottom of the page, and let's make it happen.


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