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What To Expect From Your Newborn Shoot | Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Littleton, CO

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

You picked colors for the nursery.

You picked the safest car seat you could afford.

You picked a name for one of God’s creatures that he will bear for the rest of his life!!!

Lifestyle Newborn Portrait Littleton, Colorado

You should be done picking when it comes to your newborn photo shoot. Your baby is here and it turns out he is perfect no matter what the nursery looks like. He does not need baskets and bunny ears and Photoshop gimmicks. He is perfect just the way he is.

Got a plain, white onesie? That will do. Got a solid colored comforter? No, ok. We’ll pull it back and use the sheet. We’ll get your perfect little bundle in mama’s arms and daddy’s arms because that’s where he belongs.

Lifestyle Newborn Photo Littleton, Colorado
I love the simple colors this Littleton, Colorado mama chose for her family

I’ll come to your house, I’ll find the best light, we’ll do a little tidying (you DO NOT have to clean your whole house before I come), and we’ll do what we can to get siblings involved.

Lifestyle Newborn Photo Siblings Littleton, Colorado
Lifestyle Newborn Photograph Littleton, Colorado
Newborn Photography Littleton, CO

You get a morning full of snuggles, holding the people who mean the most to you right up against your heart, and in the end, you get a set of images to help you remember a beautiful and priceless season in your life.

You will need this because,

let’s be honest,

you’re not getting enough sleep to remember much

without a little help!


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