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What and How to Hang | Family Lifestyle Photographer | Golden, CO

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I am struck again and again by the overabundance of images. It could be the holidays—family we see once a year—the cell phones come out, and thousands of images are generated from one awesome holiday. Then there’s a long discussion among the adults of the best platform on which to share them.

Personally, I love to have a few well-chosen photos I look at everyday that remind me of what matters most. They're part of how I decorate, but I’m also a bit of a minimalist. So how do we get from thousands of images to just a precious few?

1) Pick a Theme

I encourage families to think about the colors they use to decorate their home when they’re choosing what to wear for a photo shoot. A cohesive set of images from one event or a family portrait session, especially if the colors in the images match your decor, will really bring harmony to a room. The framed photos will intrinsically feel like they belong there.

I love how this Golden, Colorado family used a pop of pink to brighten their photos--perfect for an overcast day--and cowboy boots to unify their look and match their home decor.

2) Prioritize Relationship

When I have a batch of pictures, I first select all the images that are pleasing aesthetically—lighting is good, composition is awesome, subjects are in focus. After that, the best way to narrow down my favorites is to prioritize photos that demonstrate a relationship between loved ones or that reveal something special about the subject’s personality.

Lifestyle Toddler Photographer

3) Less is More

I have a huge box of frames and a huge passion for images, but that box stays in the closet and those frames are mostly empty because I really believe less is more. On your bedside table, for example, choose a horizontal picture, a vertical picture, and frames that match your lamp. Keep your reading materials, etc. out of sight, and when you come into your room, your eye will be drawn to the harmony and balance. Your subconscious will have a chance to absorb the beauty captured in those images.

4) Hang Creatively

Lifestyle Toddler Photographer
An abandoned door serves as a frame for my favorites.

What can you use that you already have that might serve your purpose of displaying photographs? I’m a big fan of re-purposing items that might otherwise end up in a landfill, and Habitat for Humanity Re-Stores is one of my favorite places for projects like these.

As the holiday draws to a close, don't get overwhelmed by all those images. Take a few minutes to choose your favorites, get them printed and get them displayed. Those images hold power—don’t let it be wasted.


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