There's a New Kind of Doctor in Town | Family Photography | Denver Area

As a family photographer, I sometimes struggle to produce content for my blog that my audience will find engaging. My goal has always been to create something of value instead of nonsense to go with pretty pictures, so when I learned that one of my favorite clients had left her corporate job to start her own direct primary care clinic in the Denver area, I knew I had subject matter that was begging for an interview.

Denver area family portrait of mother and son

Keeping kids healthy is a major concern for parents. We want to know our families are getting the very best medical care possible, but for many, when we add up premiums, deductibles and prescriptions and then compare it to the care we receive, it starts to feel like a pretty bad deal. My client, Dr. Wendy Quiles, M.D., felt this on both a professional and a personal level as a family physician with a son who has regular medical needs. We sat down together this week, so I could learn more about her transi