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To All the Mamas Out There Worried About Their Shape | Lifestyle Maternity Photography | Golden, CO

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Is there anything more shape altering than pregnancy, birth and the first few years with your new baby? From the moment you discover you’re pregnant, you start imagining the changes you’ll experience. If you’re anything like me, you think it’s going to be like a maternity picture all the time, walking around with a basketball on your front, wearing beautiful dresses in lovely lighting.

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In reality, there are a few months where people unkindly assume you’re getting fat. Then it’s finally obvious you’re pregnant, but you do not feel like those beautiful maternity images, you feel HUGE. Then your baby comes and everything really starts spinning out of control. Your boobs get bigger than you ever thought possible, your weight yo-yos around as the months go by, and you’re mostly so in love with your new baby you don’t care.

But Ladies, let’s get honest, you do care.

So why, you’re asking, would I want to put this strange shape—so far from my “normal me”—in front of a camera and document it? Because this is one more time in motherhood we get the reminder--it’s not about us. It’s about our family. We have created something beyond ourselves and that creation has fingers, toes, and curiosity. One day he will wonder,

"Mom, what did you look like pregnant?"

“What did I look like as a baby?”

“What did I look like when Brother was born?”


When my second kiddo was 4 months old, someone gifted us family portraits. I thought it was a terrible idea. At the time, I was having trouble getting everyone dressed and fed by the end of the day, much less looking spiffy at a specific time and location.

The pressure seemed impossible.

But we did it, and I love those pictures now. When I look at them, I do not think Wow, I was so overweight. I think, God, the kids look so small and so different. Look at their chubby little hands and wispy hair! I think, What a challenging season, but what a beautiful one, so full of snuggles and giggles and tickles and joy!

Mama, don’t miss your chance to capture all that beauty just because you don’t like how you look. You are a mother, you are strong beyond belief and...

You are beautiful.

Take the risk, get the pictures, I’m confident you will not regret it in the future.

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