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Leaning In as Things Unravel

We’ve made it through our first week of everything being closed up and shut down to protect us from the Coronavirus. We’ve kept our distance, worked from home if we can, many started homeschooling for the first time. Congratulations everyone.

Now what?

We made our schedule. We dug in deep and enjoyed our time together as a family. Then the weekend came and torpedoed any schedule we may have made. The determination of last week has worn off. Now the week has begun and we’re back to it...back to what, exactly?

Here’s a few ideas of how to lean in—how to deepen our connections with our kids and how to resist the temptation to pull away—just for today, because let’s be honest, there’s not much more we can do than take this crazy world one day at a time.

1) Connect physically

If you're not one to typically lay on the floor and wrestle with your kids, challenge yourself to get down there with them. A fit of giggles can change the mood in a house almost instantly. Even if you don’t feel it, just try it.

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2) Have a dance party

You know this one—another great way to change the negative energy in your home is to put on some music and shake it. Even if someone in the family is resistant, even if you are resistant, just put on the music, move your body and just see if it doesn’t make a difference.

3) Get outside

We can’t do some of our normal outside activities like playgrounds, but that’s not all bad. Look up a new hiking trail, hop in the car, and GET OUT, while we still can. For many years, our family lived in a small apartment and I knew that nothing helped shift the mood of our little tribe better than getting outdoors and putting some distance between each of us. Now that we have a bit more space in our home, I tend to forget this, but it is still so true. We need sunshine on our faces, fresh air on our skin and the adrenaline that comes from a little physical exertion.

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A beautiful hike at Standley Lake in Westminster, CO

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Scouting new photo shoot locations at Deer Creak Trail in Littleton, CO

In this strange season, our realities are slowly unraveling. Things we never thought would happen are happening. This is a time for grace with one another, with our spouse, with ourselves and especially with our kids. Be strong, mama friends, and find ways to lean in.


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