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How to Craft an Awesome Holiday Card | Lifestyle Photographer | Golden, CO

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Winter can’t really be coming, right? We just barely got the harvest out of the garden before our first snowstorm. For everyone out there who sort of hates winter—let’s just take a deep breath and focus on the positive: Christmas.

Ok. If that instilled panic instead of calm, let’s take another deep breath and take one thing off the to-do list for this season of unending to-do lists: The Christmas Card.

If you’ve been promising for years to make one of those cutesy personalized cards, let this be the year! Or if you’ve made one every year, but you want this year’s card to be really awesome, read on.

It doesn’t have to be hard, complicated, or miserable:

My style of photography is considered lifestyle, which means our time together will be fun—lots of snuggles, some movement for those little ones (or big ones) with the wiggles—and we’ll hopefully produce a beautiful collection of images that capture the love your little tribe feels for one another.

2). Pick a Wardrobe

You don’t need to dress in Santa suits or elf costumes to make it look like you meant to make a Christmas card. Simple is best, in my opinion—think neutral tones with a pop of dark red. See some ideas HERE.

3). Pick Three Favorite Photos from the Session

This might be the hardest part. Here’s what you get from my family portrait sessions: a gallery of 65+ images from which to select your favorites. 15 are included in your session fee. Can’t settle on 15—no problem—they’re $5 each additional image (see a sample gallery here).

Now, you take your final edited images from the session and pick three of your faves—one of the fam, one of the kids, one of you and your lover—upload them to mpix (or another great Christmas Card producer) pick a card that you like and—BAM! You’re done!

4). Have a Party

Well, you’re almost done. When the cards arrive, put the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine and address all those cards, knowing that each and every one is going to be loved, celebrated and cherished by the recipient.

Family Photography Golden, Colorado
Family Photography Golden, Colorado
Family Photographs Golden, Colorado

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