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You Deserve a Professional

Who can Capture your Love 

Denver Family Photographer
Holly Freeman 

"She caught, real, authentic moments of us as a family in a way that highlighted the beauty of the setting and our family...."

-Christy-Lou Robinson

If you want art for your home that captures your family's unique expression of love... 

Wall Art from Denver Family Photographer

If you are seeking a relaxed photo session to capture those tender moments...

If you want a simple process with professional guidance and attention to quality from start to finish...

You've come to the right place.

Lifestyle family portrait Denver, Colorado

We don't  make images together, we make memories. Memories that you see on your walls, hold in your hands and that take you right back to the depth of that emotion. 

Images have power. They can anchor us within our family, help us remember who we are. They can remind us of the love we feel and have felt.

But they only have power if they're seen. 

Your journey with Holly Freeman Photography starts with a destination in mind: how do you want to enjoy these images five, ten, fifteen years from now?

Because their power now is nothing compared to their power in the future as they become an intimate illustration of your family's story. 

Smiling Toddler from Denver Family Photographer

The Process

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The Work

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Missing the Point

I had nearly missed these moments of beauty because I was only looking for what sparkles...


Sleeping Through

The Night

I hope my story of sleep training will find you when you need it most. If nothing else, you can reflect on how far your family has come.

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Denver Family Photographer

She was friendly, professional, wonderful with our three kids, and captured so many beautiful moments...the quality of her shots are is top notch. I would highly recommend - her upbeat personality lead to us having such a wonderful time together as a family during the shoot.

-Magdalene Glemkowski


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